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Pedicure Posh Peel

Designer: Patchology

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What it is: An incredibly effective foot peel treatment that helps progressively dissolve dead skin on your feet with a combination of powerful acids.

What it does: This luxurious peel is formulated with Patchology's activating essence, which contains an advanced AHA plus BHA botanical blend with glycolic, salicylic, lactic and citric acids. These four potent ingredients work together to deeply exfoliate and soften the surface of your skin, speeding up cell turnover and encouraging dead skin to slough off. This progressive treatment works over a period of 3–7 days on average, and leaves most pedicure polish intact.

Treatment includes:

- Foot Masque Socks (1 pair)

- Activating Essence (1 pack)

How to use: Prepare by soaking feet in still water for 5–10 minutes. Then, open the Foot Masque Socks by separating the outer layer from the inner cotton layer. Pour the Activating Essence into one of the socks and evenly distribute it along the inside of the cotton lining. Place your foot inside the sock and seal with the attached closure. Repeat for the other foot. Wear for 60 minutes or up to 90 minutes if greater exfoliation is desired. Remove the socks and discard. Thoroughly rinse and dry your feet. Progressive peeling action will begin in approximately 3–5 days. Use once every 60–90 days or as needed.

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