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The history of BABOR began in 1956. What is now a modern brand that has conquered the hearts of all those seeking to do more for their skin began as a vision of a daring scientist. In a kitchen in Cologne.
BABOR was founded by the chemist Dr. Michael Babor. He developed HY-OIL, which cleanses the skin with natural oils, and laid the foundation for countless award-winning skincare innovations. The pharmacist Dr. Leo Vossen acquired the beauty start-up and brought the company to Aachen. The Vossen family turned the scientist's idea into a worldwide brand.
To this day, the family-owned company and well-founded scientific research are part of the BABOR DNA. The icon in the BABOR range is the ampoule. Each filigree, glass ampoule contains exactly the perfect dose of the active ingredient, so that even 2 milliliters have an immediately visible effect.