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Facial Treatments

Come experience an Eiluj Facial. Our facial experience is designed to purify, exfoliate, restore, hydrate, detoxify and improve your skins appearance. Our expert estheticians come from years of experience working with Gorgette Klinger, Mario Badescu, and Eliza’s Eyes. 

Natura Bissé
Since 1979, Nature Bissé has been a leader in innovation and development of facial and body cosmetics whos formulations are able to allow the maximum concentrations of highly efficient ingredients and new textures. All in all, Natura Bissé is a pioneering brand as it offers the best and most efficient and lastest technology in skincare treatments.
Signature Age-Defying Facial Treatment $200
Vitamin C Facial Treatment $175
Glycolic Facial Treatment $175
Energy Fusion Facial Treatment $175
Oxygen O2-Detox Facial Treatment $175
Cure Detoxifying Enzymatic Facial Treatment $175
Customized Hydrating Facial Treatment $175
Customized Sensitive Facial Treatment $175
Age Defying Lip & Eye Treatment $175
    MD Skincare
    MD Skincare Alpha-Beta Peel Facial Treatment $150+
    "This anti-aging product not only diminishes the appearance of wrinkles but helps complexion problems and increases radiance." (45 min.)
    MD Skincare Hydra-Pure Facial Treatment $165+
    Transform your skin to a brighter, healthier complexion, repair and construct your skin while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (1hr.)
    "On the Run" MD Skincare Professional Peel $75+
    Exfoliate with MD Skincare's award winning peel which gives a smoother, brighter skintone and texture. (15 min.)
    Mario Badescu
    We offer customized anti-aging, rejuvenating, acne, hydration, facials using Mario Badescu skincare products.
    Facial & Customized Treatments
    Gentlemen's Facial Treatment $125+
    Teen Customized Facial Treatment $110+
    Deluxe Body Treatment $150+
    Customized Back Treatment $130+
      Treatment Add-Ons
      Hand Treatment $40
      Eye Contour Treatment $55
      Age-Defying Lip and Eye Treatment $65
      Glycolic Treatment $75
      Salicylic Acid Treatment $75
      Diamond Face Lifting Mask $75
      Enzyme Peel $75
      Oxygen $75
      Vitamin Penetration $75
      Aloe Vera Face Lifting Treatment $75
      Neck & Decolletté $85
      PCA Skin Peel $95
      Detox Body Treatment $150
      Lymphatic Drainage (price varies)

        Microdermabrasion Face Lifting Treatments

        Microdermabrasion Treatment $150+

        This treatment is used to exfoliate, resurface and refine the skin's texture and tone. Microdermasion results to an increase in collagen and elasticity, even skin pigmentation, while leaving skin lifted with a radiant complexion. (1hr.)

        Dermaplaning Facial Treatment $250+

        All skin types - Removes dead skin cells and vellus hair - results in deeper product penetration - smoother, brighter, glowing complexion - increases collagen and elasticity.

        Needle-free Mesotherapy Facial $250+

        Suitable for face and body - increase capillary circulation - promotes elastin and collagen - improves skin radiance.

        Microneedling $350+

        AKA collagen induction system - reduces the appearance of acne scars, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles - improves texture of skin.

        Oxygen Therapy Facial $200+

        Increase skin resiliency - minimize fine lines - evens out skin tone.

        LED Facial Therapy Treatment $200+

        Increases formation of new capillaries - increase collagen and fibroblasts

        Call for a complimentary consultation.

        Upon your initial visit we will analyze your skin and make a customized treatment recommendation to give you maximum results with Natura Bisse, MD Skincare, Erno Laszlo,  and B. Kamins.