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Blinc Story


The blinc eye makeup brand began with disbelief (ours!), that despite the number of cosmetic brands in the world, no-one had solved the traditional problems associated with mascara: clumping, flaking, smudging, running and ease of removal. It was then, in 1999, that we decided if humanity could place a man on the moon, we could develop the perfect mascara!

After researching the matter, we realised that all traditional mascaras were oil-based paints and decided to take a different approach. It didn’t make sense to develop another oil-based paint mascara with their associated negative traits. Soon thereafter, blinc introduced the world to "tube-forming” mascara technology. In addition to solving negative attributes associated with traditional mascaras, consumers no longer had to use makeup remover or choose between long wear and ease of removal (because blinc delivered both).

Today, the blinc mascara makeup brand is based in Florida, USA. We are sold in over thirty countries, and continue to create eye makeup through passion and the relentless pursuit of innovation. What makes our eye makeup cosmetics different is that they deliver problem-free, sleep-lasting wear that is effortless to remove. We have helped people through everything from crying tears of joy, to sleeping through 16-hour aeroplane trips, to crossing the finish line at marathons. We want you to feel confident that you can do anything, knowing your makeup will look as perfect as when it was applied without worrying about the pesky matter of removal.