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Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mini

Designer: Eiluj Beauty

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About Elasticizer Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Forget all you know about traditional hair masks — Elasticizer pre-shampoo treatment brings frizzy, tangled strands back to life INSTANTLY. Designed to put the elasticity back into dry, dehydrated strands, for a dramatic reduction in breakage, this isn’t just any regular conditioning hair mask.

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce breakage after just one use*​

  • Quenches the thirst of dry hair​


  • Banishes tangles, frizz & straw-like ends  ​

  • The solution to STRONGER, HEALTHIER HAIR​

  • INSTANT SHINE that catches the light​

  • Leaves hair obsessively smooth and soft​

  • Tames tangles​

  • Brings dry hair back to life

Elasticizer pre-shampoo treatment brings dry, frizzy, tangled strands back to life. 

Why is hair elasticity important?

Did you know that a healthy hair can stretch up to a third of its length, and swell up to 20% of its diameter, making it even stronger than a copper wire of the same diameter? However, when hair is dry and damaged it lacks stretchability, is weaker and will snap more easily under tension. 

Flooding hair with moisture, Elasticizer restores this stretch back into dry hair, which in turn makes strands more resilient against daily stressors like brushing and styling. In fact, after just ONE use, Elasticizer is CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce breakage^. Combatting dehydration, candyfloss ends and controlling frizz, this ultimate hair restorer recovers softness and movement to leave strands feeling obsessively soft, hydrated, with instant shine that catches the light. 

How do I use it?

Apply Elasticizer to damp hair and leave for at least 20 minutes - the long the better, and you can even leave it on overnight. Wash out with a Shampoo & Conditioner for your hair type and style as normal. 

TRICHOLOGIST TOP TIP: Double shampoo to ensure you rinse away any residue and leave your hair feeling weightless and bouncy. 

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